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Never Empty

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

A few months ago, I sat down and began journaling a prayer about my writing. I had been stuck. I had been more than stuck; I had been paralyzed.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have the words; it was more like an outside source was holding my fingers hostage from the keys. I wanted my manuscript to be done. I knew exactly how the story was going to go. Why couldn’t I just write the words?

Que Tauren Wells, his song, “Empty,” began playing as I was pouring this over with God.

Have you heard this song? If not, why don’t you just pause here and give it a listen? I’m fairly certain you won't be disappointed.

This song set me free. This song was exactly what my soul needed to help me understand what had been going on in my heart.

I believe the reason I got stuck was a warning and a gift from God. He held on to my fingers, keeping them gently swaddled until I could move forward with the proper perspective.

One of my daily prayers is, “Please do not take me anywhere I am not ready to go. Never let me push down a path You have not paved for me.”

I was in danger of doing just that.

I had experienced praise from an editor. I was getting positive feedback for my words, and this idea of just maybe becoming a best-selling author had finagled its way deep inside my psyche. I was getting so excited; it was all feeling possible. It was beginning to feel like I might actually finally be somebody!!!


If you listened to this song, you know it talks about getting everything you have ever dreamed of, but at the end of it all, still feeling empty.

What a tragedy. What a sad waste of a beautiful gift. It’s not the dream that is bad. It is the posture of your heart that makes the difference.

When I started thinking that becoming a successful published author would finally give me worth, God answered my prayer of never letting me go before Him.

Through these timely lyrics, He transformed my mind and reminded me that:

I am whole just as I am.

I am whole here and now with all that I have.

I am whole if I lose it all.

I am whole if I sell five million copies.

I am whole if I never even finish my manuscript.

I am whole.

I am Holy, set apart for Him.

I am His.


Always and forever.

That alone makes me worthy.

Does this mean I can’t dream of becoming a best-selling author? No. Does this mean I can’t dream about going on incredible vacations? Or getting a property where my whole family can live together with a million rescue dogs?!? Of course not.

But you know what it means. It means that I can be on vacation in the Maldives, or I can be at my job and be just as content. It means I can live in a mansion or a cardboard box and be content. It means I can be serving food and dining at a homeless shelter or dining with top celebrities at the world’s most extravagant charity event, and either way, I will be content!

It means no matter what, I am whole with God.

God, as we continue on in this life You have so graciously gifted, let us be content where You lead! In whatever circumstance. Humbly following you, the same dedicated servant, in much or in little, but never in lack.

Never empty, always fulfilled in You.

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