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Updated: Sep 2, 2022

This past year at the Inspire Christians Writer Conference, I was given the opportunity to work with acquisition editor Mick Silva in a one-on-one mentorship program.

During this time, we talked a lot about my manuscript, but we also discussed the publishing industry and what my next steps as a writer should be. After discussing agents and submissions, the subject of marketing came up.

I think Mick could see me physically cringe at the word “platform.” Because he began asking some good questions, which led to a perspective-altering conversation.

I shared how I have struggled deeply in the past with self-esteem issues. Social Media exasperated those issues. Instead of sharing things I genuinely loved, I was always attempting to post what I thought would get the approval of others.

I developed a dangerous need for validation from outside sources. I did not like the person I was becoming, and I was heading down a path I did not want to be on.

Because of this, I decided to step away. I deleted the apps from my phone. It felt so good to stop posting, to stop scrolling, to stop comparing, to stop seeking, just to stop all of it!

That was about three years ago, and I feel like God, in all His wonder and grace, has brought a lot of healing in this area.

But knowing this about myself, I was nervous about coming back, especially since, as an author, I would be asked to post consistently and engage with others often. I didn’t want a relapse.

But it is while I was sharing these fears that Mick shared a nugget of wisdom that I will never forget.

He asked me questions along the lines of:

What would happen if we used social media as

another place to worship God with our lives?

What if we used it as a place of pursuing the dreams, He has put on our hearts?

What if we use it as a place of genuine connection? A place to love others?

What if we use it as a place of authentic self-expression of the gifts God has given us?

If we do this, then in a way it becomes less of a platform and more of an altar.”

An altar is a place we come to surrender, a place we come to give, a place that is filled with gratitude—a holy place.

So, I'm returning to the world of selfies and stories, and even venturing into the new frontier of reels, because this place is no longer about self-promotion or seeking approval.

Instead, here at the beginning, I want to ask God into this space. I ask Him to use it as a source of goodness in a world that doesn’t always feel that great. I ask His protection over it. I ask that it bring Him glory. I asked that it be used to spread peace, joy, and love. I surrender it completely to Him.

Let me use it as an altar to honor Him, not as a platform to raise myself upon.

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